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Device: Motorized Wheelchair
Manufacturer: PaceSaver
Model: Espree Atlas / Atlas5
Location: United States, New Hampshire
This Seller accepts SafeTrade as a payment method

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Device: Motorized Wheelchair
Manufacturer: Quickie Designs
Model: P220
Location: United States, Alaska
This Seller accepts SafeTrade as a payment method

Motorized Wheelchair may also be referred to as :

Motorized Scooter | Wheelchair, Motorized

Tips for buying Motorized Wheelchair

  1. Safe motorized wheelchair use requires proper maintenance.
  2. Several levels of motorized wheelchair product support after purchase are offered. Buyers should consider the how easy it would be to obtain replacement parts from the vendor or manufacturer, and how easy the operator could install replacement parts.
  3. Motorized wheelchair buyers should also look at the availability of national or worldwide service facilities offered by the manufacturer or vendor, the length of time that the manufacturer/vendor has been in business, the availability of service policies and motorized wheelchair loaner if extended repairs are necessary, and whether the coverage policies for prescription chairs set by third-party payers.
  4. Facilities are encouraged to look at the ranges of motorized wheelchair models that dealers have in stock, and available discounts for multiple purchases.
  5. Buyers should also consider their need to schedule motorized wheelchair maintenance or repairs in advance and the time it would take to order and receive a replacement.
  6. Facilities should inquire about the general condition of the motorized wheelchair, including wheels, seat, tire, foot rests, armrests, etc.  Photos of the tires, controls, battery box and wiring, and of the motorized wheelchair from all angles, can reveal signs of wear and tear.
  7. The specified capacities of the motorized wheelchair being considered should fit the patient’s weight and size.
  8. Prior to purchasing, facilities should complete the following: search for reviews of the motorized wheelchair to learn about its features and reliability, review manuals and related paperwork that were supplied when the motorized wheelchair was originally purchased, inquire about the condition of the joystick and other controls, the motor housing, and the drive shaft - where it exits the motor, as well as the condition of the battery box, possible corrosion and the state of all wires and connectors.
  9. Additional factors to consider include: the motorized wheelchair's size, ease of steering, seating comfort, transport capability, power, speed capacity, and battery life.
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