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Device: Nephelometer
Manufacturer: Dade Behring
Model: BN II System
Location: United States, South Carolina

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Device: Nephelometer
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
Model: IMMAGE Immunochem System
Location: United States, Minnesota
Rating: 92%

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Device: Nephelometer
Manufacturer: Orbeco
Model: 965
Location: Italy, Milan

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Device: Nephelometer
Manufacturer: Seac-radim
Model: DELTA
Location: Italy, Salerno
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Nephelometer may also be referred to as :

Nephelometric Immunoassay Analyzer | Nephelometric Analyzer | Laser Nephelometer | Immunoassay Analyzer, Nephelometric

Tips for buying Nephelometer

  1. Nephelometer units should display results and other information both on a monitor and in hard-copy format.
  2. When planning to purchase a nephelometric immunoassay analyzer, the automated features, which may facilitate sample analysis, should be considered.
  3. Automatic nephelometer sample handling is more efficient than manual handling, because it eliminates operator errors and ensures the same treatment for all samples.
  4. Facilities purchasing an nephelometric immunoassay analyzer instrument should look into assays available on the instrument, the system's throughput, and the availability of models to meet different volume and testing needs within the facility.
  5. Bigger facilities will need larger, more automated nephelometer instruments with a comprehensive test menu and high throughput, while small laboratories, or those with specialized testing requirements, can use smaller nephelometer systems with lower level of automation or throughput and a smaller test menu.
  6. Computer interface capabilities are an important consideration with these nephelometric immunoassay analyzer units. The effectiveness of the interface with the existing LIS or the medical center's central computer system is essential to inputting test data, verifying testing accuracy and maintenance, calibration, and patient files.
  7. To ensure that test menus meet clinical needs, buyers should carefully assess them.
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