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Device: Nerve Conduction Monitor
Manufacturer: Magstim
Model: Neurosign 100
Location: United States, New York

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Device: Nerve Locator
Manufacturer: Wr Medical
Model: Hilger Facial Nerve Stimulator, H3
Location: United States, Minnesota
Rating: 92%

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Device: Nerve Locator
Manufacturer: Aaron Bovie
Model: Neuro-Pulse 0003Y
Location: United States, Maryland

Nerve Locator may also be referred to as :

Stimulator, Nerve Locator, Facial | Nerve Stimulator | Electromyograph | Nerve Locator | Nerves Locator | Nerve Locator, Facial

Tips for buying Nerve Locator

  1. There is a wide range of configurations for these devices, from simple battery-operated units to line-powered console units with several monitoring features.
  2. Other applications may be offered, such as iontophoresis, which could make the units more cost-effective.
  3. Buyers should consider the cost of disposables, such as needles, electrodes and gels, as well as any reasonable gains from the use of single-use disposable units.
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