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Nerve Stimulator may also be referred to as :

Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator | Stimulator, Electrical, Peripheral Nerve, Analgesic, Transcutaneous | Transcutaneous Electroanalgesic Stimulator | Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator | Transcutaneous Electrical Blood Flow Stimulator | TENS Stimulator | TENS Unit | Stimulator, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve | Stimulator, Transcutaneous Electrical Blood Flow | Stimulator, TENS | Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve | Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, Transcutaneous | Stimulator, Electroanalgesic, TENS | Stimulator, Peripheral Nerve | Neurostimulator

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Item Details

Device: Nerve Stimulator

Manufacturer: Care Rehab

Model: Care Select Stim

Name / Number: Lead

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Tips for buying Nerve Stimulator Parts

  1. An electronic stimulus generator and two or four electrodes are recommended to be included in the TENS unit.
  2. If the unit is battery-powered, a low-battery alarm should indicate visibly and audibly on low voltage. The unit should use common batteries that are easy to replace.
  3. The unit's pulse should be adjustable to a width from 10-to 1,000 µsec and pulse rate from 0.5 to 150 mA, based on clinician orders and patient preferences. These are recommended according to commonly used settings in clinical applications; individual responses to treatment may require a unit that can perform outside the range of these specifications.
  4. Patients may respond differently to various models of units because pain is subjective.
  5. Battery-powered units may be considered. These could use rechargeable or disposable batteries.
  6. Facilities may wish to purchase more than one type of unit. Suppliers often offer quantity discounts.
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