Used Neurosurgery Equipment

Air-Warming Unit, Convective Angioplasty Angioscope Argon Coagulator Argon Surgical System Argon-Enhanced Electrosurgical Unit Audiometric Evoked Potential Unit Autonomic Nervous System Monitor
Bed Warmer BERA Bio Impedance Measurement
Blood Flow Detector Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Blood Flowmeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Blood Warmer Blood Warmer, Radiofrequency Blood Warmer, Water Blood-Flow Detector, Ultrasonic, Flowmeter Blood-Solution Warmer
Bovie Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry
C02 Skin Resurfacing Laser Cauterie Cautery Unit Cerebral Oximeter Chiropractic Therapy Circulating-Fluid Warming Unit Coagulating Shears, Ultrasonic
Coagulator, Electrosurgical Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Cobalt Linear Accelerator Cobalt, LINAC Cobalt, Radiotherapy Unit Compression Fractures Management Device Computer Assisted Surgery Computer Assisted Surgery System Computer, Image Analysis and Archives Computerized Information System Container, Cryobiological Storage Container, Cryogenic Storage Container, Sterilization Convective Air-Warming Unit Cooling Blanket Cooling System Cranial Drill Cranial Perforator Cryobiological Storage Container Cryogenic Blood Banking Equipment Cryogenic Gas Reservoir Cryogenic Storage System Cutter/Coagulator, Ultrasonic, Surgical
Dermatologic Laser Deware Container
Diathermy Unit Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Diathermy Unit, Surgical Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Dictation System, Digital Digital Adapter for Eyepieces Digital Camera Adaptor Digital Dictation System Digital Dictophon Digital Recorder Digital Voice Recording System Digital Voice System Disinfection Container Doppler Analyzer
EEG Machine EEG Recorder EEG Unit Electrical Impedence Mammography Electrocautery Unit Electrocautery Unit, Battery-Powered Electrode, Cautery Electroencephalogram Recorder Electroencephalograph Electroencephalographic Recorder Electrosurgery Generator Electrosurgery Unit
Electrosurgical Generator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit, Argon-Enhanced Coagulation Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit, General Purpose Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrothermal Cautery Probe Electrothermal Cautery Unit EMG EMG & Evoked Potential Response Unit Encephalograph
Endometrial Ablation System Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Laser - Nd:YAG
Endoscope Light Source Endoscopic Electrocautery Unit Endoscopic Video System Endoscopy, Light Source EP Unit Erbium Laser
ESU Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Evacuators Evoked Potential Analyzer Evoked Potential Electromyograph Evoked Potential Graphic Recorder Electromyograph Evoked Potential Recorder Evoked Response Unit Eyeglass, Safety, Laser Eyewear, Safety, Laser
Face Shield, Safety, Laser Fetal Encephalographic Monitor FFT Analzyer Fiberoptic, Light Source Film Viewer Fluid Warmer Forced-Air Hyperthermia Unit Forced-Air Warming Unit Frame, Stereotactic Frameless Stereotactic System
Gamma Knife Gamma Navigation System Gamma Radiosurgical Stereotactic System Gamma Radiosurgical System, Stereotactic Gamma System Goggle
Handpiece, Surgical; Drill/Saw, Bone Harmonic Knife System Harmonic Scalpel Head Light Head Navigation System Head Ring, Stereotactic Headframe Headframe, Stereotactic Hemostatic Electrothermal Cautery Probe
HemotachoMeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Heterodyne Analyzer High-frequency Vibrating Knife System Hood, Chemical Fume
Hyfrecator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Hyperthermia Unit Hyperthermia Unit, Circulating-Fluid Hyperthermia Unit, Forced-Air HypoHyperthermia System HypoHyperthermia Unit HypoHyperthermia Unit, Circulating-Fluid HypoHyperthermia Warming/Cooling System Hypothermia Unit Hypothermia Warmer
ICP Monitor Image Guided Surgery System Imaging Film Viewer
Linear Accelerator
Cobalt Linear Accelerator
Information System, Physician Practice Information System, Physician Practice Management Intra Cranial Pressure Monitor IV Fluid Warmer
KTP Laser
Laparosonic Coagulating Shear Laser - CO2 Laser - Nd:YAG Laser - YAG Laser Blood Flow Detector Laser Blood Flowmeter Laser Eye Protection Device Laser Safety Device Laser Safety, Eyeglass Laser Smoke Evacuation System Laser System Laser, Carbon Dioxide, Dermatologic Laser, Carbon Dioxide, Surgical-Dermatologic Laser, Nd:YAG, Pulmonary Surgery Laser, Surgical, Carbon Dioxide, General-Purpose Laser, Surgical, Carbon Dioxide, Specialty Laser, Surgical, Holmium YAG Light Source for Fiber Endoscopes Light Source for Fiber Optics Light Source Gastroscopic Light Source, Fiber Optic
L (Continued...)
Light, Surgical LINAC Linear Accelerator Linear Accelerator Radiosurgical Stereotactic System Linear Accelerator Radiosurgical System, Stereotactic Linear Accelerator, Radiotherapy Unit
Magnifying Loupes
Malis Coagulator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Mammography Viewer Mattress Warmer Medical Magnifying Loupes Medicine Laser Microscope, Operating
Microsurgical Table Help
Orthopedic Table
Operating Table
Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Video System Modular Vascular Lab Monitor, Encephalographic, Fetal Motorized Mammography View Box Motorized Negatoscope Motorized Radiographic Film Viewer Motorized X-ray Film Viewer Motorized X-ray Illuminator Motorized X-ray View-box
neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet Laser Neuroendoscope Neurological Endoscope Neurological Fiberoptic Endoscope Neurostimulator Neurosurgical Endoscope
O/R Camera O/R Head Light O/R Instruments O/R Microscope O/R Power Tool Operating Microscope Operating Room Voice Recognition Control Center
Operating Table Help
Orthopedic Table
Operating Table
Operation Lamp Operation Light Operation Microscope Ophthalmic Operating Table Ophthalmic Table, Microsurgery Ophthalmoscope OR Drill OR Light OR Table
Orthopedic Table Help
Operating Table
Orthopedic Table
Orthopedoc Operation Table Overhead Light, Surgical
PACS Pad, Circulating-Fluid, Localized Heating-Cooling Pain Control System Patient Cooler Patient Cooling System Patient Cooling Unit Patient Heater Patient Heater/Cooler
Patient Warmer Help
Hypothermia Unit
Patient Warmer
Patient Warmer, Air Patient Warming Unit Perforator, Cranial, Automatic Physician Practice Computer System Physician Practice Information System Physician Practice Management System Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Practice Management System Pump, Circulating-Fluid
Radiosurgical System, Stereotactic Help
Stereotactic Radiotherapy System
Gamma Knife
Radiosurgical Unit, Stereotactic, Gamma Radiosurgical Unit, Stereotactic, Linear Accelerator Recorder, Graphic, Electroencephalography Recorder, Graphic, Encephalography
Safety Eyewear Salinity Measurement Scalpel, Ultrasonic Skin Resurfacing Lasers Smoke Evacuation System, Electrosurgical Smoke Evacuation System, Laser Smoke Evacuation System, Surgical Smoke Scavenging System Solution Warmer Spectacles, Safety, Laser Spectral Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer Stereotactic Head Frame Stereotactic Headframe Stereotactic Radiosurgical System, Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgical System, Linear Accelerator Stereotactic Radiotherapy System Stereotactic System, Linear Accelerator Stereotactic System, Radiosurgical, Gamma Stereotactic System, Radiosurgical, Linear Accelerator Stereotactic, Gamma Knife Stereotactic, Radiosurgery Stereotactic, Radiotherapy Sterilization Box Sterilization Container Storage Container, Cryogenic Surgery Table Surgical Camera Surgical Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgical Diathermy Surgical Diathermy Unit Surgical Head Light Surgical Headlight Surgical Ho:YAG Laser Surgical Instruments Surgical Lamps
Surgical Laser Help
Laser - Nd:YAG
Laser - YAG
Laser - CO2
Surgical Light Surgical Microscope Surgical Navigation System Surgical Nd:YAG Laser Surgical Power Tool Surgical Recording System Surgical Saw Surgical Smoke Evacuation Surgical Smoke Evacuation System
Surgical Table Help
Orthopedic Table
Operating Table
Surgical Unit Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Harmonic Scalpel
Sweat Salinity Swept Tuned Analyzer
Table, Operating Table, Operating, Ophthalmic Table, Ophthalmic, Microsurgery Table, Orthopedic
TachoMeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Tester, Impedance Thrombectomy Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy System Thrombolysis System Total Body Warmer
Ultrasonic Activated Scalpel Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector Ultrasonic Blood-Flow Detector and Blood Flowmeter Ultrasonic Blood-Flow Meter Ultrasonic Scalpel Ultrasonic Surgical Cutter/Coagulator Ultrasound Harmonic Surgical Unit US Blood Flow Detector US Blood Flowmeter
Video Endoscopy Video Endoscopy System Viewbox, X-ray, Motorized Voice Recognition Control Center Voice Recorder
Warmer Warmer, Blood Warmer, Blood, Circulating-Fluid Warmer, Blood, Coil Warmer, Blood, Dry-Heat Warmer, Blood, Microwave Warmer, Blood, Radiofrequency Warmer, Blood, Water-Bath Warmer, Blood/Solution Warmer, Infusion Solution Warmer, Irrigation Solution Warmer, Solution Warming Blanket Warming Cabinet
Warming Unit, Blood/Solution Help
Warming Cabinet
Blood Warmer
Warming Unit, Hot Air Warming Unit, Patient, Forced-Air Warming/Cooling Unit, Circulating Fluid Warming/Cooling Unit, Patient, Circulating-Fluid, Pump, Circulating-Fluid Warmnig Blanket Warmning System
X-ray Surgical Table X-ray Viewer
YAG Laser