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Device: Nurse Call System
Manufacturer: Rauland-borg
Model: Responder III Plus
Premium User
Location: United States, Washington
Rating: 89%
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Device: Nurse Call System
Manufacturer: Air Shields
Model: Air-Shields AM-68-1
Location: United States, Minnesota
Rating: 92%

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Device: Nurse Call System
Manufacturer: West-com
Model: Endeavor
Location: United States, Oklahoma

Nurse Call System may also be referred to as :

Patient-Nurse Comminication System | Central Hospital Nurse Call System | Signaling Device, Personal Emergency | Personal Emergency Signaling Device | Personal Emergency Response System | Nurse Emergency Call Station | Intercommunication System | Emergency Call System

Tips for buying Nurse Call System

  1. The basic system should come equipped with two different audible tones, a flashing light display, call reminder capabilities, two priority levels, and a patient disconnect signal. The system should also include corridor lights in at least two different colors.
  2. The enhanced system should be able to perform self-diagnostics on top of all the functions of the basic system. It should have at least three distinct audible tones and three priority levels, and should come equipped with speakers and microphones.
  3. Enhanced systems use the microprocessor technology, which allows for the sequencing of calls in order of their priority.
  4. Enhanced nurse call systems should be able to interface with other systems in the facility. The patient bed station should provide communication with the nurse call stations via speakers and microphones. Corridor lights should be installed in at least three colors to allow caregivers to determine the priority.
  5. Facilities should evaluate their needs in order to determine whether they need all the additional capabilities of an enhanced system. To ensure the selection of the most appropriate system, facilities need to decide on the mode of operation and the preferred method for locating and contacting caregivers, as well as specific additional features such as management reports or ADT interfaces.
  6. Certain systems with only visual/audible signal displays can be modified under some circumstances for voice communication, if the conduits are large enough for additional wiring. Many suppliers can custom design systems to interface with other communications systems.
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