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Used Ophthalmology Equipment

35mm Fundus Photography
Ambulatory Monitor Analyzer, Physiologic, Visual Function Anamaloscope Angioplasty System, Laser Argon Coagulator Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) Argon Surgical System Argon-Enhanced Electrosurgical Unit Aspirator, Ultrasonic Audiometric Evoked Potential Unit Auto Chart Projector Auto Refractor Keratometers (Auto Ref Keratometers) Automatic Objective Refractor With Visual Acuity Capability
BERA Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Bovie Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry Burn Treatment Table
Camera, Ophthalmic Campimeter Cataract Extraction Unit Cataract Extraction Unit, Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgical Ultrasaund System Cataract Surgical Unit
Coagulator, Electrosurgical Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Coagulator, Laser, Ophthalmic Coagulator, Optical Computed Corneal Topography System Computer Assisted Corneal Topography System Computerized Information System Conductive Keratoplasty System Corneal Topography System Correlator, Retinal Cryo Cryoprobe Cryostat Cryosurgical Unit Cryosurgical Unit, General-Purpose Cryosurgical Unit, Ophthalmic Cutter, Vitreous Infusion Suction
Dermatologic Crio Unit Dermatologic Laser Devices for Color Perception Test
Diathermy Unit Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Diathermy Unit, Surgical Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Dictation System, Digital Digital Dictation System Digital Dictophon Digital Fundus Imaging Digital Recorder Digital Voice Recording System Digital Voice System Diode Ophthalmic Laser
Dioptometer Help
Refractometer, Ophthalmologic
Direct Ablation Angioplasty System
Electronystagmograph Electrosurgery Generator Electrosurgery Unit
Electrosurgical Generator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit, Argon-Enhanced Coagulation Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Unit, General Purpose Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
EMG EMG & Evoked Potential Response Unit
Endometrial Ablation System Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Laser - Pulsed Dye
Endoscope Light Source Endoscopy, Light Source ENG ENG Unit EP Unit
ESU Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Evoked Potential Analyzer Evoked Potential Electromyograph Evoked Potential Graphic Recorder Electromyograph Evoked Potential Recorder Evoked Response Unit Exam Chair Exam Table Examination Chair Examination Table Excimer Laser Eye Magnet Eye Movement Monitor Eye Plethysmograph Eyeglass, Safety, Laser Eyewear, Safety, Laser
Face Shield, Safety, Laser Fiber Optic Light Source Fiberoptic Power Supply Fiberoptic, Light Source Frequency Doubling Perimetry Fundus Camera Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
HD Monitor Head Light Heidelberg System High Resolution Display High Resolution Medical Video Monitor High Resolution Screen Hot-Tip Catheter Angioplasty System
Hyfrecator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Information System, Physician Practice Information System, Physician Practice Management Injector for High Viscosity Liquids
Keratography System, Video Keratometer Kinetic Perimeter Krypton, Frequency-Doubled Ophthalmic Laser
Lamp, Slit Laser - Excimer Laser - Pulsed Dye Laser Angioplasty System Laser Coagulator, Ophthalmic Laser Eye Protection Device Laser for Cyclophotocoagulation Laser for Glaucoma Treatment Laser Safety Device Laser Safety, Eyeglass Laser Trabeculoplasty Laser, Dye, Therapeutic Laser, Gold Vapor, Therapeutic Lens Blocking Lens Edging Lens Grooving Lens Polishing Lens Preparation Equipment Lens Safety Bevel Lens Tracing Lenses for Ophthalmic Examinations Lensmeter Lensometer Light Source Light Source for Fiber Endoscopes Light Source for Fiber Optics Light Source Gastroscopic Light Source, Fiber Optic
Malis Coagulator Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Manual Exam Table Manual Objective Refractor Microscope Light Microscope, Operating Microsurgical Table Monitor for Medical Imaging
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Monitor, Eye Movement
NdYAG Ophthalmic Laser NdYAG Trabeculotomy and Capsulotomy Nystagmograph Nystagmumeter Nystagmus Monitor
O/R Head Light O/R Microscope OCT Ocular Plethysmograph Oculoplethysmograph Operating Microscope Operating Table Operation Microscope Ophthalmic Argon Laser Ophthalmic Blades and Knives Ophthalmic Diathermy Unit Ophthalmic Instrument Stand Ophthalmic Instruments
Ophthalmic Laser Help
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon
Ophthalmic Laser
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon Ophthalmic Lenses Ophthalmic Operating Table Ophthalmic Perimeter Ophthalmic Retinal Laser Ophthalmic Table, Microsurgery Ophthalmic Ultrasound Ophthalmic Viewer Ophthalmic YAG Laser Ophthalmograph Ophthalmology Chair Ophthalmology Lamp Ophthalmoscope Optical Biometer Optical Coherence Tomograph Optical Coherence Tomographs Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System OR Table Orthopedic Table Orthopedoc Operation Table
Pachymeter Patient Monitor for Vital Signs Patient Monitor, Telemetric PDT Pediatric Retinal Imaging Perception/Color Blindness Test Perimeter Perimeter, Automatic Perimeter, Manual Perimeter, Ophthalmic Perimeter, Ophthalmic, Manual
Peripheral Vision Analyzer Help
Visual Function Analyzer
Phacoemulsification Unit Phacoemulsifier Phoropter Phoroptor
Photoablative Laser Help
Ophthalmic Laser
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser
Photocautery Photocoagulation Laser PhotoCoagulator Photocoagulator Photocoagulator System
Photodynamic Therapy Help
Laser - Pulsed Dye
Photodynamic Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy Laser Physician Practice Computer System Physician Practice Information System Physician Practice Management System Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric Physiologic Monitoring System, Telemetric, ECG Monitor, Telemetric Plethysmograph, Eye Plethysmograph, Ocular Polaroid Fundus Photography Portable Binocular Microscope Potential Acuity Meter Power Exam Table Practice Management System Probe, Cryosurgical Pupilometer
Refractometer, Ophthalmologic Help
Refractometer, Ophthalmologic
Refractor, Ophthalmologic Remote Conference System Remote Controlled Conventional Refractor Retinal Camera Retinal Digital Imaging System Retinal Film Camera Retinal Film Imaging System Retinoscope
Safety Eyewear Scanner, Laser, Optical Tomography Scanning Laser Polarimetry Scanning System, Laser, Optical Tomography Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) Shunt-Laser Trabeculoplasty System Slit Lamp SLT Laser Small Parts Scanner for Ophthalmology Spectacles, Safety, Laser Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Specular Microscope Specular Photomicroscope Standard Static Perimetry Surgery Table Surgical Diathermy Surgical Diathermy Unit Surgical Head Light Surgical Headlight Surgical Microscope Surgical Table
Surgical Unit Help
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical Unit
Synoptophore Synoptophore, Synoptiscope
Table, Adjustable, Examination/Treatment Table, Operating Table, Operating, Ophthalmic Table, Ophthalmic, Microsurgery Teleconferencing System, Video Teleconsultation System Telemedicine Videoconferencing System Telemetry Monitor Telemetry Unit Telemetry Unit, Physiologic Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Multichannel Telemetry Unit, Physiologic, Pressure Therapeutic Laser Tissue Ablation System Tonometer Topography System, Corneal Transensor Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation System Treatment Chair Trial Lens Case
Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator Ultrasound, Ophthalmic UV Radiation System for Treatment of Keratokonus
Video Conference System Video Conferencing Equipment Video Teleconferencing System Videoconferencing System, Telemedicine Videokeratography Unit Vision Screener Visual Field Analyzer Visual Function Analyzer Visual Screening / Testing Device Vital Signs Monitor Vitrectomy System Vitreous Infusion Suction Cutter Voice Recorder VTC Unit
YAG Laser Cataract Surgery