Used Orthopedics Equipment

Absorptiometer Help
Bone Densitometer, Ultrasound
Bone Densitometer, Dual Energy
Bone Densitometer, Single Energy
Absorptiometer, Single-Photon, X-ray, Single-Energy Absorptiometer, X-ray, Dual-Energy Airborne Radon Bath Ankle Brace Ankle Massage Device Ankle Walker Argon Coagulator Argon Surgical System Argon-Enhanced Electrosurgical Unit Arthroscope Arthroscopic Irrigation System Arthroscopic Pump Articular Cavity Endoscope Auto Traction Unit Autotransfusion Unit, Blood Processing
Bath Patient Lift Bed, AC-Powered, Adjustable, Hospital Bed, Electric BIA Bioimpedance Body Composition Analyzer
Blood Flow Detector Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Blood Flowmeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
Blood Warmer Blood Warmer, Radiofrequency Blood Warmer, Water Blood-Flow Detector, Ultrasonic, Flowmeter Blood-Processing Autotransfusion Unit Blood-processing Collection Unit Blood-Solution Warmer Body Composition Scale Body Fat Analyzer Body Pressure Mapping System
Bone Densitometer Help
Bone Densitometer, Ultrasound
Bone Densitometer, Dual Energy
Bone Densitometer Ulltarsonic Bone Densitometer, Dual Energy Bone Densitometer, Single Energy Bone Densitometer, Ultrasonic Bone Densitometer, Ultrasound Bone Densitometer, X-ray Bone Growth Stimulator Bone Healing System Bovie Burn Treatment Table
Cast Cutter Cast Removal Device Cast Saw Cell Saver Chiropractic Therapy Circulatory Assist Unit, Intermittent / Stocking, Compression / Pneumatic Circulatory Assistant, Intermittent Circulatory Assistant, Intermittent, Stocking, Compression Coagulator, Electrosurgical Compression Fractures Management Device Compression Unit, Intermittent Compression Unit, Intermittent / Sequential, Stocking, Compression, Pneumatic Computer Assisted Surgery Computer Assisted Surgery System Computerized Information System Constant Passive Motion Container, Cryobiological Storage Container, Cryogenic Storage CPM Cranial Drill Cranial Perforator Cryobiological Storage Container Cryogenic Blood Banking Equipment Cryogenic Storage System
Diathermy Unit Diathermy Unit, Physical Therapy Diathermy Unit, Surgical Dictation System, Digital Digital Dictation System Digital Dictophon Digital Recorder Digital Voice Recording System Digital Voice System DVT Prevention Device Dynamic Stander
Elbow Brace Electric Bed Electric Cast Saw Electric Plaster Saw Electrical Impedance Body Composition Analyzers Electrosurgical Generator Electrosurgical Unit, Argon-Enhanced Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit, General Purpose Endometrial Ablation System Endoscope Lens Cleaner Endoscope Light Source Endoscopic Video System Endoscopy, Light Source ESU ESW System Exam Chair Exam Lamp Exam Light Exam Table Examination Chair Examination Table Exerciser, Continuous Passive Motion, Limbs Exerciser, Passive Motion, Limbs Exhaust System, Surgical
Fat / Lean Ratio Scale Fiberoptic, Light Source Film Viewer Flood Light Fluid Warmer Fluoroscope Frameless Stereotactic System
Gown, Toga
Hammock Scale Handpiece, Surgical; Drill/Saw, Bone HD Monitor Head Light
HemotachoMeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
High Low Bed High Resolution Display High Resolution Medical Video Monitor High Resolution Screen Hip Endoprosthesis Hip Implant Home Wheel Chair Hospital Bed Hot Water Heater Hydrocollator Hyfrecator Hyperthermia Unit
Illuminator Image Guided Surgery System Imaging Film Viewer Implantable Sacral Neurostimulator Information System, Physician Practice Information System, Physician Practice Management Infrared Radiation Infrared Radiator Intermittent Compression Unit Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System Irrigation Distention System, Arthroscopic IV Fluid Warmer
Knee Brace Knee Exerciser
Laser Blood Flow Detector Laser Blood Flowmeter Lateral Transfer Lift, Patient, Radiologic Light Source for Fiber Endoscopes Light Source for Fiber Optics Light Source Gastroscopic Light Source, Fiber Optic Light, Surgical Limb Brace Limb Support Lymph Drainage Lymphoedema Pump
Malis Coagulator Mammography Viewer Manual Exam Table Manual Wheelchair
M (Continued...)
Mechanical Wheelchair Microsurgical Table Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Video System Mobile Radiographic Unit Mobile X-ray Mobile X-ray Unit Modular Vascular Lab Moist Heat Therapy Pack Conditioner Monitor for Medical Imaging Motorized Mammography View Box Motorized Negatoscope Motorized Radiographic Film Viewer Motorized X-ray Film Viewer Motorized X-ray Illuminator Motorized X-ray View-box Muscle Stimulator
Neuro Cryo Stimulator Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator, Physical Therapy Nonpowered Wheelchair
O/R Head Light O/R Instruments O/R Power Tool Operating Table Operation Lamp Operation Light OR Drill OR Light Orthopedic Fixation Device Orthopedic Plates and Screws Set Orthopedic Shock Wave System Orthopedic Table Orthopedic Traction Hardware Orthotripsy Unit Ostoporosis Densitometer Overhead Light, Surgical
Pack Heater Pain Relief Cooling Device Paraffin Wax Bath Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs Patient Bed Patient Hoist Patient Lift, Transfer Patient Scale Patient Transfer Lift Perforator, Cranial, Automatic Photofluoroscope Photospot Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Stimulator Physician Practice Computer System Physician Practice Information System Physician Practice Management System Physioterapy Knee Exerciser Physioterapy Limb Exerciser Physiotherapy Traction Unit Physiotherapy Treatment Table Plaster Dispenser Plaster Dispensing Box Plaster Saw Pneumatic Cast Saw Portable X-ray Power Exam Table Practice Management System PressoTherapy Machine Prosthesis, Hip Prosthesis, Joint, Hip Prosthesis, Joint, Hip, Total Pump, Intermittent Compression Pump, Lymphedema Pushchair
Radiographic Photospot Camera Radiographic Unit, Mobile Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Table System Retractor System for Surgery Rigid Endoscope Rinsing Device for Endoscopic Procedures
Sacral Nerve Stimulator Sacral Neuromodulator Scale, Bed, Scales, Sling Scale, Bedside/Underbed Scale, Sling SCD Segmental Body Composition Analyzer Sequential Compression Device Shoulder Brace Simple Bone Densitometer Sling Scale Small Wheels Chair Solution Warmer Spine Analyzer Storage Container, Cryogenic Stroller, Adaptive Stroller, Adult Subcutaneous Fat / Lean Analyzer Suction Irrigation System Supine Stander Surgical Diathermy Unit Surgical Head Light Surgical Headlight Surgical Helmet Surgical Helmet System Surgical Instruments Surgical Lamps Surgical Light Surgical Navigation System Surgical Power Tool Surgical Saw Surgical Table Surgical Unit System, X-ray, Mobile System, X-ray, Photofluorographic
Table, Adjustable, Examination/Treatment Table, Orthopedic
TachoMeter Help
Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector
Laser Blood Flow Detector
TENS Thermo Therapy System Thermotherapy Tilting Treatment Table Tissue Repair System Toga Gown Total Hip Track-Mounted Patient Transfer Lift Traction Table Traction Unit Transfer Lift, Patient Treatment Chair
Ultra Sonic Bone Densitometer Ultrasonic Blood Flow Detector Ultrasonic Blood-Flow Detector and Blood Flowmeter Ultrasonic Blood-Flow Meter Ultrasonic Therapy System Ultrasonic Unit Ultrasonic Unit, Neuromuscular Stimulator, Physical Therapy Ultrasonometer Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit Ultrasound Therapy System US Blood Flow Detector US Blood Flowmeter US Bone Densitometer
Video Endoscopy Video Endoscopy System Viewbox, X-ray, Motorized Voice Recorder
Warmer, Blood Warmer, Blood, Circulating-Fluid Warmer, Blood, Coil Warmer, Blood, Dry-Heat Warmer, Blood, Microwave Warmer, Blood, Radiofrequency Warmer, Blood, Water-Bath Warmer, Blood/Solution Warmer, Infusion Solution Warmer, Irrigation Solution Warmer, Solution Warming Unit, Blood/Solution Wheelchair, Nonpowered
X-ray Densitometer X-ray Mobile Unit X-ray Photospot X-ray Photospot Unit X-ray Surgical Table X-ray Viewer X-ray, Mobile