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Device: Oxygen Concentrator
Manufacturer: Respironics
Model: EverFlo
Location: United States, Florida
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Oxygen Concentrator may also be referred to as :

Oxygen Supplier | Oxygen Supply System | Oxygen Generator | Oxygen Enricher

Tips for buying Oxygen Concentrator

  1. A detailed service manual should accompany each unit. The supplier should also provide routine inspection and preventive maintenance.
  2. These devices should deliver an oxygen concentration of at least 90% over the full range of flow settings.
  3. The flow setting of the oxygen concentrator should be at least 3 L/min.
  4. The device must have an OCSI, either a built-in component or an add-on accessory, to alert the user with both an audible alarm and a visual indicator, if the unit's product gas has an oxygen concentration below 85%.
  5. The device should initiate alarms for high and low pressures, battery or line power failures, low oxygen purity, and occlusions.
  6. Facilities should choose options as cabinetry, mobility, and accessories.
  7. These units offer an unlimited supply compared to oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen systems, which rely on dealer deliveries of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are best suited for long term low flow use.
  8. The unit should be light enough to allow the patient to move it if necessary. The tubing length should allow for freedom of movement.
  9. Devices for home use should meet electrical safety standards.
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