Pain Relief Cooling Device - Enraf-Nonius -  Endolaser 422

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Dermatology
Device: Pain Relief Cooling Device
Manufacturer: Enraf-Nonius
Model: Endolaser 422
Condition: New
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Unit Price: 534,006.00 NGN/ 1,487.48 USD
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Item Description
# The Endolaser 422 is an advanced and modern designed unit for laser therapy with interchangeable laser probes. Laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold laser therapy, and as laser biostimulation is an effective method for: Pain management
# Wound healing
# Soft tissue injury treatment
# Nerve regeneration
# Skin treatment (esp. for Acne)
# Cosmetic regeneration Laser is applied to the anatomical region of interest by means of a diode probe. This application can be static and very localized or dynamic for larger regions. In general a treatment only takes a few minutes. This effectiveness and the short application time make laser therapy with the Endolaser 422 a valuable part of a complete treatment session. Standard with 2 channels The Endolaser 422 is a 2-channel unit. This allows for simultaneous treatment of two segments within a patient or even simultaneous treatment of two patients. Dual probe laser therapy Another method that rapidly gains popularity is the simultaneous treatment of one lesion with both a diffuse application in the peripheral area and a very localized, intense application at the epicentre of the lesion. This central-peripheral dual probe laser therapy approach is extremely promising in several application areas. Several Diodes available For treatment of small surfaces with monolaser there are diodes of 25, 100 and 500 mW. For a larger area it is possible to use a cluster of 4 diodes of 100 mW each – making it a 400 mW diode in total. The probes are interchangeable which has a positive influence on the total treatment time. Simple user interface The unit is software operated. A treatment program can be created or adjusted in a few single steps. By means of buttons and knobs the level of energy can be adjusted simply and accurately during treatment. After any adjustment of the protocol the dose is calculated instantly. The Endolaser 422 is also provided with an extensive number of treatment protocols for the most common treatment modalities of laser therapy (over 80 protocols at the time of publication). Besides these protocols you can also create your own programs which makes the Endolaser 422 a very effective tool in your practice. Safe The Endolaser 422 is provided with a laser-test that allows for easy verification of the laser probe. This assures proper functioning of the machine and guarantees safe and accurate application of the laser energy to your patients. Of course the Endolaser 422 is standard equipped with two pairs of eye goggles, both for the therapist and for the patient, to protect the retina from the intense energy of the laser. Treatment at the speed of light The Endolaser 422 is a valuable addition to your practice allowing for effective results in short treatment times. Being an Enraf-Nonius product, the high quality of the Endolaser 422 assures for years of proper functioning and good design. With the Endolaser 422 you can treat your patients and clients at the speed of light!
Sale Information
Period: 12 months
Warranty type: Labor & Material
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Pain Relief Cooling Device may also be referred to as: Neuro Cryo Stimulator
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Femope Limited
Contact person: Femi Moradeyo
Phone number: 234-703-4102000
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Business type: Distributor
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