Used Portable ECG - Welch Allyn -  HR-100

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Cardiology
Device: Portable ECG
Manufacturer: Welch Allyn
Model: HR-100
Condition: Never used
Location: United States, Maryland
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 1,299.00 USD
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Item Description
Welch Allyn HR 100 Holter Recorder with 7-lead cable, carrying case
Holter recording in an incredibly small package-note that either the HR-100 or HR-300 can be used with both the Office and Expert software systems.

Features and Benefits

2 or 3 channel recording
24-48 hours of recording time
Pacer detection
Wireless transfer of patient's ECG in real time to verify electrode quality and placement

Software Requirements

Windows 2000, XP
300 MHz pentium processor or faster
256 MB RAM
40 GB hard drive
Mouse and keyboard
Compact disc reader
Printer with 300 dpi resolution
USB 1.1 or 2.0 - 2 USB ports
CD writer or equivalent for data backup

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 3.8 in x 2.2 in x 0.7 in
Weight: 7 oz (198 g)
Power Source: One size AA alkaline battery
Sampling Rate: 200 sps
Recording Period: Maximum 24-48 hours continuous
Storage Capacity: Minimum 256 MB
Storage Period: Data remains valid for >5 years or until memory card is initialized
Battery Life: 48 hours
Pacemaker Detection: ANSI/AAMI EC38-1998
Effective A/D Resolution: 2.5 uV
Dynamic Range: +/- 300 mV
Frequency Response: 0.05 to 100 Hz

Warranty Information

1-year warranty.
Sale Information
Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card
Advance payment percentage: 100%
The item is packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
Period: 1 Month
Warranty type: Regular warranty
All item information on this page has been supplied by seller and MedWOW cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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Location: United States, Maryland
Business type: Distributor
Seller's language(s): English, Spanish
Num. of items sold: 3
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