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Parts: Prosthesis, Joint, Knee

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Prosthesis, Joint, Knee may also be referred to as :

Total Knee | Prosthesis, Joint, Knee, Total | Knee Prosthes | Knee Implant

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BIOSURE SYNC Tensioner 72202754

Device: Prosthesis, Joint, Knee

Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew

Model: BIOSURE SYNC Tibial Fixation Device

Name / Number: BIOSURE SYNC Tensioner / 72202754

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Tips for buying Prosthesis, Joint, Knee Parts

  1. Facilities should study the effectiveness of certain designs, patient types, and other parameters.
  2. It is essential to match a patient's activity level with the type of prosthesis implanted.
  3. Facilities are encouraged to standardize their equipment and choose one vendor when purchasing prostheses. This vendor should have the most complete product lines in all or most of the prostheses that will be needed.
  4. Before purchasing implants, facilities should consider cemented versus cementless fixation techniques and the design of associated components.
  5. Another important consideration should be the discounts given by suppliers.
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