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Manufacturer : Mindray

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Device: Pulse Oximeter
Manufacturer: Mindray
Model: DPM2
Location: United States, Maryland

Pulse Oximeter may also be referred to as :

Oximeter, Pulse | Oxygen Monitor | Patient Oxigen Monitor | Oximeter, Finger | Oximeter, Ear | OR Monitor | Operating Room Monitor | Multiwavelength Oximeter | Continues Oxygen Monitor | Blood Gas Monitor, Oxygen | SpO2 Monitoring

Tips for buying Pulse Oximeter

  1. Pulse Oximeter units can either be stand-alone or a module in a larger patient monitor.
  2. Most pulse oximeters can interface with printers, recorders, computers, or multiparameter monitoring systems. It is important to make sure that the purchased unit is compatible with existing equipment.
  3. The multiwavelength oximeter should display at least 70% to 100% SpO2 values with an accuracy of ±3%. Pulse-rate measurements should be accurate within ±5 beats per minute within the range of 30-240 bpm.
  4. The pulse oximeter probes should provide accurate measurements, while tolerating probe movement caused by the patients or clinicians.
  5. In addition to SpO2 and pulse rate, the pulse oximeter should also display pulse strength and low battery.
  6. Audible and visual alarms should alert for high and low SpO2/pulse rate, sensor off, and low battery.
  7. Finger oximeter units usually operate on AC power, and many have battery backup as well. The unit should switch automatically to battery power if line power fails.
  8. Multiwavelength oximeters intended for transport within the facility should operate at least four hours without charging.
  9. Multiwavelength oximeters intended for transport outside the facility should operate at least eight hours without charging.
  10. In case of a pulse oximeter that is unable to obtain accurate readings, there should be a clear indication, preferably with the reason.
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