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Device: Radioaerosol Delivery Kit
Manufacturer: Medi Nuclear
Model: Insta_Vent
Location: United States, Missouri

Radioaerosol Delivery Kit may also be referred to as :

Nuclear Nebuliser | Disposable Radioaerosol Administration Equipment | Radioaerosol Administration Set

Tips for buying Radioaerosol Delivery Kit

  1. When purchasing such a set, the most important factor to consider is the mass mean aerodynamic diameter of the aerosol droplets produced by the nebulizer - a measure of the average particle size. This should be 0.4 µm or smaller.
  2. Facilities need to evaluate the cost of the radio aerosols used in lung scanning. 99mTc DTPA imaging provides mainly the same information and with the same quality as 81mKr imaging; however, it is much more cost-effective than 81mKr, especially for smaller facilities, where the cost of using 81mKr for a few patients is excessive. 99mTc is also applicable in many nuclear medicine studies.
  3. The filter and the radiation shielding protect against radioactive contamination. For safety, both should have efficiency percentages in the region of 99.9%.
  4. The disposable components of this set are usually inexpensive and come packaged in one kit.
  5. Manufacturers offer different designs and costs for reusable lead shields. Some offer free or discounted shields with volume purchases of disposables.
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