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New & Used Radiotherapy Planning System

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Device: Radiotherapy Planning System
Manufacturer: Elekta
Model: PrecisePLAN
Location: Austria, Salzburg
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Radiotherapy Planning System may also be referred to as :

Radiotherapy Project System | Radiotherapy Planning System | Computer, Radiotherapy Treatment Planning | Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System | Computer, Radiotherapy Planning System

Tips for buying Radiotherapy Planning System

  1. The performance of these radiotherapy planning systems is evaluated using three main factors: ease-of-use, accuracy and speed of treatment calculations.
  2.  Facilities should consider the radiotherapy project system's capability to interface with other computer systems, water phantom dosimeter systems, CT and MRI systems, and block cutting or block-milling machines. In addition, buyers should evaluate the costs of support, upgrade, installation, and networking. 
  3. Facilities with multiple mega-voltage treatment units and electron beam capabilities must examine the number of treatment planners available, the number of patients treated per day, the legal requirements for patient data archiving, the scope of data needed for storage, and the accuracy of calculations provided. They need to know the relative frequency and importance of electron-beam calculations in their practice. 
  4. Most of the available radiotherapy planning systems conform to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association DICOM Standard guidelines for radiotherapy equipment. 
  5. Facilities are encouraged to perform acceptance testing to ensure that results obtained from the new radiotherapy project system can be compared with those from previously used methods. 
  6. Radiotherapy project system buyers should obtain service contracts from the supplier, including support for both hardware and software.
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