Refractometer, Laboratory - Tomey -  RC-4000

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Laboratory
Device: Refractometer, Laboratory
Manufacturer: Tomey
Model: RC-4000
Condition: New
Year manufactured: 2017
Location: Japan, Aichi
Unit Price: 7,000.00 USD
Comments: free shipping
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Item Description
Tomey TMS-4 Corneal Topographer NEW with 1 Year Warranty

TOMEY TMS-4 Corneal Topographer

Famous, Traditional, Reliable Topographer.
"Corneal Topographer Continues to Set the Standard for Resolution, Accuracy & Corneal Coverage."


USB connection
Auto shot function
Large Patient Database
Easy Database Operation
Multi-Language Operation
Fourier Refractive Analysis
Quick Data Reference
Built-in LCD Alignment
Keratoconus Screening & Other Applications
High Resolution for Accuracy & Corneal Coverage

TMS-1 features come back with better resolution, accuracy & easy operation TOMEY’s patented light cones use 25 or 31rings (same as TMS-1), providing high resolution.
The laser alignment system provides high accuracy & repeatability.
The small cone design eliminates nose & brow shadow & provides extensive corneal coverage. The low light level of the rings promotes patient comfort.
The TMS-4 has the comprehensive software: Single, Dual, Multiple & you can even customize your own map with favorite scale, map type & so on. Fourier Analysis provides you the refractive information with Spherical Equivalent, Regular Astigmatism, Asymmetry & Higher order irregularity. Fourier Analysis provides the refractive information with 3mm & 6mm diameter range. The software applications, Klyce Statistics, Keratoconus Screening, Enhanced Height & Height Change Maps are also available.

Statistical Indices

Simulated K, Minimum K, Average Corneal Power, Potential Visual Acuity, Surface Regularity Index, Surface Asymetry Index, Corneal Eccentricity Index, Irregular Astigmatism Index, Standard Deviation of Corneal Power, Analyzed Area, Elevation/Depression Power, Elevation/Depression Diameter, Simulated Keratometric Cylinder Change.

Contact Lens Software

User-defined Fitting Strategies, User-defined Lens Designs, Simulated Fluorescein Patterns, Sagittal Tear Film Plots, Adjustment of Position, Rotation & Tilt, User Modifiable Data Base, Order Form Printout, Automatic Transmission of Data to Optical Lab.

Comparison of keratometry measurements
using the Pentacam HR, the Orbscan IIz and the TMS-4 topographer - - 566


Data Collection Method: Placido Cone
Illumination: Low Light Level
Number of Rings: 25,31
Data Points: 6,400(25-ring), 7,939(31-ring)
Data Points on the Rings: 256
Max. Corneal Coverage: 8.8mm Diameter (25-ring), 10.9mm Diameter (31-ring)
Min. Corneal Coverage: 0.46mm Diameter (25-ring), 0.57mm Diameter (31-ring)
Operator Configuration: Operator Opposite Patient
Alignment/Focus: Joystick Alignment, Software Correction
Acquisition Time: Every 33msec
Average Image Process Time: 3 seconds
Single Exam File Size: 407 Kb
Dioptric Range: 33.75D - 61.36D
Minimum Scale Interval: 0.1D
Map Type Options: Standard (Axial), Instantaneous Radius of Curvature (Tangential), Refractive, Height (Enhanced and Differential)
Map Display Options: Single, Dual, Multiple, Differential, Meridional, 3D, Numeric, Fourier Analysis
Astigmatism Display Options: Orthogonal Axes, 3, 5 & 7 mm Zone
Statistical Package: Klyce Corneal Statistics
Keratoconus Detection: Klyce-Maeda Multiple Regression Analysis, Smolek-Klyce Classification Neural Network
Slide-Making Capability: Bitmap Image Format
Dimensions: 308 (W) x 472.5 (D) x 471 (H) mm
Weight: Approx. 15Kg
Power Supply: AC 100V to 240V 50/60 Hz 50-60VA

Computer: External PC
System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP
CPU: Pentium Processor 600MHz or Higher
Memory (RAM): 256MB or more
Sale Information
Return Policy
Does the seller accept returns? Yes
Return valid for: 30 days after buyer's receipt of the item
Allowed refund types: Money back, Exchange, Credit Note
Return shipping & handling will be paid by the buyer
Period: 12 months
Warranty type: Labor & Material
All item information on this page has been supplied by seller and MedWOW cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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Refractometer, Laboratory may also be referred to as: Urine Screening Instrument | Laboratory Refractometer | Bacteriuria Detection System | Bacteriuria Detection Analyzer | Analyzer, Laboratory, Microbiology, Urine Bacteriuria
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Phone number: +81-563-27789045
Location: Japan, Aichi
Business type: Distributor
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