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Device: Suction Regulator
Manufacturer: Aerosol Products
Model: SAM 14
Location: Saudi Arabia, Ar Riyadh

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Device: Suction Regulator
Manufacturer: Gomco
Model: 911
Location: United States, Oklahoma
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Suction Regulator may also be referred to as :

Vacuum Regulator | Regulator, Suction

Tips for buying Suction Regulator

  1. Suction regulators should provide adequate vacuum and flow capabilities, while preventing patient injury.
  2. When considering the purchase of suction regulator units, buyers should look into the manufacturer recommendations to ensure compatibility with the facility's existing equipment and procedures.
  3. Clear instructions for cleaning, disassembly and reassembly, as well as recommended cleansers and sterilization procedures should be provided by the supplier; easy cleaning is an important feature of suction regulators.
  4. A gauge covering the range of vacuum levels to be delivered should be part of the unit or attached to it.
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