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Device: Surgical Helmet
Manufacturer: Stryker
Model: T5 Personal Protection System
Premium User
Location: Colombia, Distrito Capital

Surgical Helmet may also be referred to as :

Toga Gown | Surgical Helmet | Gown, Toga | Exhaust System, Surgical | Surgical Helmet System

Tips for buying Surgical Helmet

  1. Buyers should consider protection and cost as well as user preferences.
  2. Facilities should closely examine the costs of deep wound infections and the most cost effective ways to provide appropriate infection control measures. They should determine whether the infection rates they experience during orthopedic procedures justify the purchase of these systems and whether their existing infection control programs are sufficient.
  3. These systems include reusable parts, which should be durable during normal use. It should be easy and simple to repair or replace damaged components.
  4. To prevent possible cross contamination between wearers, all areas of the helmet should be accessible for cleaning. The hood or toga should be constructed of fabric that is splash and fluid resistant.
  5. The filtration system should have an efficiency of 85% or better for particles 0.3 µm and larger.
  6. Users should be notified of battery failures and other system errors.
  7. Batteries for these systems should operate at least five hours. There should be a recharge indicator for each battery, such as a light illuminating when the battery is fully charged.
  8. It is not clear yet whether these systems are needed for patient protection in the operating room.
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