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Manufacturer : Armed


Manf. Year From : 2016

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Device: Surgical Light
Manufacturer: Armed
Model: LD2
Location: Russia, Kirov
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Surgical Light may also be referred to as :

Surgical Light | Surgical Lamps | Overhead Light, Surgical | OR Light | Operation Light | Operation Lamp | Light, Surgical

Tips for buying Surgical Light

  1. The diameter of the field size should be at least 16 cm, and the focal length should be 65 cm at least.
  2. Surgical lights are required to provide a minimum illumination level of 2,500-foot candles. They should rotate 360°, and be vertically adjustable through a range of at least 80 cm.
  3. A sterilizable handle should accompany the device. Life expectancy of the bulb should be at least 1,000 hours.
  4. A surgical light does not have a standard set of optimal lighting characteristics.
  5. It is recommended to carry out a shadow reduction test, which applies best to a single large light head that simulates the incision with a tube and the surgeon's head with an opaque disk. Facilities concerned with shadow reduction should consider several design features, such as light head position, reflector size, optical design, and number of lamps aimed.
  6. A failure of a single bulb in a multiple-bulb light head will have a lesser impact on surgery than a failure of the bulb in a single bulb light head with no automated backup bulb replacement feature, which can delay or interrupt surgery.
  7. Facilities should examine the type of the bulb, its life expectancy, and the replacement costs of individual bulbs, when they consider the purchase of bulbs.
  8. Among the many factors to consider when selecting surgical bulbs are ambient lighting, surgeon’s preferences, and the requirements of different surgical procedures.
  9. When designing or heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, facilities should consider the heat generated by surgical lights.
  10. It is recommended to ask for a demonstration of prospective lights in the hospital's ORs. Selecting these lights is still considered to be subjective, although many attempts have been made to standardize lighting performance.
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