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Device: Surgical Power Tool
Manufacturer: Bien-air
Location: United Kingdom, London

Surgical Power Tool may also be referred to as :

Handpiece, Surgical; Drill/Saw, Bone | Surgical Saw | Perforator, Cranial, Automatic | OR Drill | Cranial Perforator | Cranial Drill | O/R Power Tool

Tips for buying Surgical Power Tool

  1. The safety and effective use of these instruments depend on the user's familiarity and comfort with the device.
  2. These devices can be hand or foot operated with different operating speeds. They should all accept a variety of bone saws, drills, and tools.
  3. Tools can be used with any unit that has the appropriate rotational speed and compatible chuck.
  4. Facilities using units and tools from different manufacturers should keep in mind that some manufacturers will be responsible for any mishaps involving their units, only if the used tools are those under their control.
  5. Before combining drill bits from one manufacturer with power units from another, buyers should contact the manufacturers.
  6. Buyers should be aware that some manufacturers offer training and certification programs for their equipment.
  7. Drill bits are available as both disposable and reusable units. After comparing the cost of stocking disposables to that of sterilizing reusables, facilities need to consider which type is best for them.
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