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Device: Sweat Tester
Manufacturer: Miramar Labs
Model: Miradry MD4000-MC
Location: Italy, Parma

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Device: Sweat Tester
Manufacturer: Eppendorf
Model: 6610
Location: Saudi Arabia, Ar Riyadh

Sweat Tester may also be referred to as :

Sweat Tester | Sweat Test Unit | Sweat Test Iontophoresis Unit | Sweat Rate Measurement Unit | Sweat Induction/Collection Unit | Iontophoresis Unit, Sweat Test | Sudorimeter | Skin Chloride Meter | Cystic Fibrosis Screening Device | Sweat Analyzer

Tips for buying Sweat Tester

  1. These are a few required parameters: this unit should need no more than 50 µL of sample and should have an open circuit sensor; the stimulation time should be 5 minutes or less, with a collection time of no longer than 30 minutes; the meter's precision should be at least 2%.
  2. CF diagnosis id done by sweat testing because of the following benefits: it is noninvasive, it has acceptable accuracy limits, and it is a low cost procedure performed with relatively inexpensive equipment.
  3. Collecting an adequate amount of sweat for analysis is sometimes difficult. Positive or marginal results from sweat testing require further testing for confirmation.
  4. Facilities performing routine CF neonatal screening should consider faster testing techniques that are as accurate and reliable as sweat testing for screening purposes. These methods may be more invasive and therefore less desirable; developing technology has enabled these tests to become less traumatic, allowing them to be reconsidered for certain facilities.
  5. Damaged testing devices might cause electric shocks or burns. To reduce the risk of injury, facilities should prefer devices with electrical safety features, such as automatic power shutoff and sensors and alarms. It can be worth the extra cost.
  6. Facilities are encouraged to carry out cost comparisons on disposable and replaceable items, such as collection containers, electrodes, drugs, and analytical reagents.
  7. Facilities need to be aware of the fact that some devices labeled as sweat testers are merely collecting the sweat sample, while separate instruments actually perform the analysis.
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