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Device: Temperature Monitor
Manufacturer: Mallinckrodt Puritan Bennett
Model: Mon-a-Therm 4070
Premium User
Location: United States, Washington
Rating: 89%

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Device: Temperature Monitor
Manufacturer: ThermoFisher Scientific
Model: 06-664-11
Location: United States, Minnesota
Rating: 92%

Temperature Monitor may also be referred to as :

Temperature Monitor, Electronic, Patient | Temperature Monitor | Telethermometer | Temperature Monitor, Electronic

Tips for buying Temperature Monitor

  1. Temperature monitors (also known as Telethermometers) should be light and easy to hold and carry.
  2. There are quite a few features and operational costs associated with electronic temperature monitors, which cause the initial capital costs to vary immensely.
  3. Temperature monitors measure a patient's body temperature in cases needing constant temperature monitoring. These may include surgeries, postoperative recovery, critical care, sepsis and infections, shock, fertility and ovulation, treatment of hypothermia and hyperthermia.
  4. The temperature range of the Telethermometers should be at least 26.6-42.2°C with readings accurate to ≤0.3°C. A message should be displayed when the reading is outside the range.
  5. The electronic temperature monitor measurement screen should indicate the following: °F or °C display, a low-battery condition, and high or low patient temperature.
  6. Temperature monitors should provide a way of carrying a sufficient supply of probe covers, which lessen probe spilling and contamination. The covers should be smooth with no sharp edges that might cause discomfort. To avoid contamination, a probe cover should be easily applied or removed with minimal user contact.
  7. Common batteries should be used with the battery-powered temperature monitors,  in order to ensure the simplest replacement. For rechargeable batteries, the need for recharging should be indicated clearly.
  8. To calculate the cost effectiveness of these Telethermometer devices, facilities should perform LLC analyses.
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