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Device: Thermometer
Manufacturer: Welch Allyn
Model: SureTemp 690
Location: United States, Ohio

Thermometer may also be referred to as :

Electronic Thermometer | Thermometer, Electronic, Thermistor-Thermocouple | Thermometer, Electronic, Intermittent | Rectal Thermometer | Patient Thermometer | Oral Thermometer | Axillary Thermometer | Armpit Thermometer | Thermometer, Electronic

Tips for buying Thermometer

  1. Intermittent electronic thermometers should measure a patient's temperature at oral, rectal, and axillary sites. The measurement range should be 90-108°F (32.2-42.2°C). A message should be displayed when temperature reading is outside this range.
  2. These thermometers are used for periodic temperature measurements and return final temperatures in under 90 seconds.
  3. Thermometers have a disposable probe cover or are a one-piece probe thermometer. They should carry an adequate supply of probe covers that minimizes the likelihood of probe spilling and contamination. The probe cover should be smooth with no sharp edges. It should be easy to apply and remove them with minimal user contact to avoid contamination. Separate probes for oral and rectal use should be prominently labeled so that they cannot be mistaken, even with the probe cover in place.
  4. All electronic thermometer measurements should be easily read.
  5. The following data should be displayed: the final temperature in °F or °C, a low-battery notice, and if the unit is on or off.
  6. Fluids that are normally present in a hospital setting should not block or obscure the temperature readout after cleaning. Fluid spills should not affect the electronic thermometers's performance.
  7. The electronic thermometers should be lightweight, easy to carry and comfortable to hold; some may be cart-mounted or wall-mounted.
  8. To extend battery life, an automatic shut-off is recommended. Commonly available batteries should be used.
  9. For rechargeable batteries, a clear indicator should alert for need to recharge.
  10. One-piece electronic thermometers are cheaper and may be used in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices for single-patient use and in the home for family use.
  11. Two-piece electronic thermometers, which consist of a handheld meter and attached probe, are mainly used in the hospital during temperature rounds for readings on any number of patients. The major long-term cost with these electronic thermometers is replacing probe covers and batteries.
  12. Personal choice, standardization, and price should be the factors when selecting an electronic thermometer.
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