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Thyroid Uptake System may also be referred to as :

Uptake System, Thyroid | Thyroid Scanning System | Thyroid Scanner | Thyroid Izotope Analyzer

Tips for buying Thyroid Uptake System

  1. Thyroid Uptake System devices should have peripheral output ports for interfacing with other systems. They should be CRT or LCD, with the capability of spectrum and alphanumeric display of at least 256 channels.
  2. Thyroid uptake system units with personal computers for system management and analysis can process more data at a faster speed than integrated microprocessor systems. Thyroid scanners can also use a greater variety of software programs for formatting and image enhancement. Of course, this type of thyroid scanner is more expensive, and cost several thousand dollars more than thyroid scanning system units with dedicated microprocessors.
  3. Facilities need to determine whether the labor saved by the decreased operating and processing time and the thyroid scanning system's flexibility justifies the initial costs of these systems. They are encouraged to perform a serious cost-effectiveness study on several types of thyroid uptake systems.
  4. Collimator-crystal-PMT detector assemblies should be mounted on a wheeled, floor stand-configured yoke. The yoke should rotate at least 340°, and the detector at least 220°, allowing clinicians to study the patient in supine or seated positions.
  5. All the assemblies mentioned above should all be attached to an articulated arm composed of two or more sections that can travel vertically at least 22 inches, and extend horizontally at least 26 inches.
  6. The flat-field collimator should be constructed of lead, and the NaI crystals should be 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick (5.1 × 5.1 cm).
  7. The number of radioactive isotopes should be assessed by a thyroid izotope analyzer, most commonly 123I, 125I, and 131I, as well as 57Co, 51Cr, 137Cs, 99mTc, and others.
  8. In addition to the automatic control of the amplifier gain, it should be also controlled by user selection.
  9. The pulse-height analyzers should have either 256 or 1,024 channels, a high-voltage range of 0 to 1,250 V, and both LLD and ULD energy-level discriminators.
  10. For energy level and/or window selection, thyroid izotope analyzers should use a keyboard. As data entry method, a keyboard and/or mouse can be used.
  11. Menu prompting and auto calculation of thyroid uptake should also be available on thyroid uptake systems.
  12. The preset time range should be 0 to 9,999 sec. The preset count range should be 0 to 9,999,999.
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