New & Used Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit, Chattanooga, Intelect Neo

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Manufacturer : Chattanooga


Model : Intelect Neo

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Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit may also be referred to as :

Physical Therapy Stimulator | TENS | Muscle Stimulator

Tips for buying Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit

  1. Facilities can select a tabletop, wall mounted, or cart mounted therapeutic ultrasound unit.
  2. To permit user exchange, these systems should have transducers with connectors. The unit should be capable of frequencies at 1 and 3 MHz. It should run in both continuous and pulsed modes.
  3. Each transducer should have a beam with a non-uniformity ratio of less than 8 and should have a variable pulse rate that falls between 80 and 150 pps.
  4. Systems equipped with several transducers of various diameters facilitate treatment of different areas of the body. However, there are systems with only one transducer.
  5. An automatic shutoff function is a preferred feature.
  6. Configuration, ERA, and maximum power should be based on patient and clinician preference as well as on treatment location.
  7. If the unit is to be used for off site therapy, some portable devices are available in a carrying case or tote bag.
  8. Systems with dual frequencies provide a wider range of treatment capabilities.
  9. To reduce costs, facilities can obtain a combination ultrasound neuromuscular stimulator unit instead of buying separate units. Using these units, facilities can choose therapeutic ultrasound only, neuromuscular stimulation only, or a combination of both.
  10. Facilities should consider the costs associated with the following: additional transducers, coupling gel, service and a therapist.
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