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Device: Ultrasound, Diagnostic
Manufacturer: Hitachi
Model: EUB-525
Location: Germany, Saarland

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Device: Ultrasound, Cardiac
Manufacturer: Acuson
Model: 128 XP/10
Location: United States, Washington
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Device: Ultrasound, Cardiac
Manufacturer: Philips
Model: iE33
Location: Indonesia, Jakarta Raya

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Device: Ultrasound, Diagnostic
Manufacturer: ATL
Model: HDI 5000
Location: United States, New York

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Device: Ultrasound, Diagnostic
Manufacturer: Acuson
Model: Sequoia 512
Location: United States, New York
The model & manufacturer of the marked items have changed due to an acquisition between companies, and are also known as:
Current Manufacturer / Model Name Alternative Manufacturer / Model Name
ATL / HDI 5000 Philips / HDI 5000
Acuson / Sequoia 512 Siemens / ACUSON Sequoia 512
Acuson / Aspen Siemens / ACUSON Aspen
Acuson / 128 XP/10 Siemens / ACUSON 128 XP/10
Acuson / Aspen Advanced Siemens / ACUSON Aspen Advanced

Ultrasound, Cardiac may also be referred to as :

Ultrasonic Unit, Diagnostic | US Scanner Cardiac | Ultrasonic Scanner | Ultrasonic Laminagraph | Ultrasonic Imaging Unit | Ultrasonic Analyzer | Spectrum Analyzer, Doppler | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Other | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Compound B | Scanner, Ultrasonic | Flow-Mapping Doppler | Duplex Scanner | Cardiac Echo | Ultrasound Scanner | Doppler Spectrum Analyzer | Doppler Flow Mapping System | Cardiac US Doppler | Cardiac Ultrasonic Scanning System

Tips for buying Ultrasound, Cardiac

  1. A cardiac ultrasound unit can call on the full range of a scanner's Doppler capabilities. Using echocardiography, flow and turbulence can be examined throughout the heart and great vessels.
  2. For timing reference, electrocardiography is incorporated and some cardiac ultrasound scanners are able to perform stress echocardiography studies.
  3. This area of study involves examining the structure and function of the heart and great vessels, including imaging the cardiac valves, heart chambers, wall motion, and thickness.
  4. Cardiac ultrasound packages calculate quantitative 2-D and Doppler values to aid diagnosis.
  5. If there is a need to transport a system from the Cardiology Department to the bedside, Intensive Care Unit, coronary care unit, catheterization lab, or even to an off-site clinic, then a portable cardiac ultrasound scanner system could be used.
  6. A full-featured cardiac ultrasound system, typically used in cardiology departments or private cardiology clinics, is needed for a comprehensive cardiac study.
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