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Manufacturer : Kretz


Continent : Asia


Manf. Year Until : 1999

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The model & manufacturer of the marked items have changed due to an acquisition between companies, and are also known as:
Current Manufacturer / Model Name Alternative Manufacturer / Model Name
Medison / COMBISON 310 A Kretz / COMBISON 310 A

Ultrasound, Diagnostic may also be referred to as :

US Portable | Ultrasound Scanner, Urology | Ultrasound Scanner, Portable | Ultrasound Scanner, General Purpose | Ultrasound Scanner, Bladder | Sonograph | Scanning System, Ultrasonic, Portable | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Portable | Portable US System | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Pediatric | Scanner, Ultrasonic, General Purpose | Small-Parts Ultrasonic Scanner | Small-Parts Scanner | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Small-Parts/Vascular | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Small-Parts | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Dedicated Linear Array | Renal Ultrasonic Scanner | Ultrasound Bladder Scanner | Scanning System, Ultrasonic, General-Purpose | Portable Ultrasonic Scanner | General-Purpose Ultrasonic Scanner | Doppler Device

Tips for buying Ultrasound, Diagnostic

  1. Facilities need to consider the following basic issues before purchasing an ultrasound scanning system: functions and features, cost, ease-of-use, upgradeability, image storage, and customer support.
  2. The uses of ultrasound scanning systems with OB/GYN capabilities include: investigating a variety of gynecologic abnormalities, including infertility; detecting the presence and condition of a fetus; examining the blood supply to the fetus; and monitoring fetal growth throughout pregnancy.
  3. This technology is also useful in guiding amniocentesis and other invasive procedures.
  4. Obstetric analysis packages provide valuable information, including gestational age, fetal weight, and fetal growth calculation, and some are also capable of report generation.
  5. Endocavity transducers are available for use with gynecologic imaging and on some general-purpose ultrasound scanners for prostate screening.
  6. Comprehensive OB/GYN studies and general-purpose abdomen and small-parts studies require a full-featured diagnostic ultrasound system, which is used in a hospital's radiology department or imaging center, OB/GYN department, or OB/GYN offices, in which comprehensive obstetric ultrasound examinations are performed.
  7. Another field requiring a full-featured diagnostic ultrasound system is comprehensive vascular study. Such a ultrasound scanning system is usually used in a hospital's radiology department, cardiology department, or vascular lab or in a vascular surgeon's office. Examinations include comprehensive extra cranial and peripheral vascular studies.
  8. Specialized high-frequency small-parts probes are available with some general-purpose diagnostic ultrasound scanners for use in thyroid, breast, scrotum, neonatal brain, and musculoskeletal evaluation.
  9. For diagnosing arterial and venous abnormalities and their causes, general-purpose diagnostic ultrasound scanners with vascular capabilities provide flow profiles of vessels throughout the body.
  10. Doppler provides flow detection in vessels, such as those found in organs and tumors and in extremities. Spectral Doppler analysis packages can perform calculations automatically.
  11. Remote diagnostic ultrasounds are offered by some suppliers. This enables scanning functions remotely through a modem.
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