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Ultrasound, Portable may also be referred to as :

Ultrasound Scanner, Urology | Ultrasound Scanner, Portable | Ultrasound Scanner, Bladder | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Portable | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Dedicated Linear Array | Portable Ultrasonic Scanner | Ultrasound, Diagnostic, Portable

Tips for buying Ultrasound, Portable Parts

  1. The anatomic data provided by ultrasound scans make diagnoses of diseases, cysts, and tumors (size, texture, and location). General-purpose use for imaging the abdomen and small parts is one of the oldest and most common ultrasound procedures.
  2. To evaluate abdominal organs and allow further diagnosis by providing information on blood flow, basic Doppler capabilities are used.
  3. Specialized high frequency, small parts probes are used in some general-purpose portable ultrasound scanners for evaluating thyroid, breast, scrotum, neonatal brain, and musculoskeletal. Some general-purpose portable ultrasound scanners are equipped with endocavity transducers for prostate screening.
  4. A hospital's radiology department or imaging center will usually use a full-featured portable ultrasonic scanner system, which is required by general-purpose abdomen and small parts studies.
  5. A portable ultrasound scanner system containing only basic features can perform limited abdominal studies, which may permit detection of abdominal trauma, fluid collections, gallstones, and aortic aneurysms.
  6. Assessment of the structure and function of the heart and great vessels is done by comprehensive cardiac ultrasonography, or echocardiography. The cardiac ultrasound can call on the full range of a portable ultrasound scanner's Doppler capabilities.
  7. To help with diagnosis, cardiac analysis packages calculate quantitative 2-D and Doppler values. Electrocardiography is normally incorporated for timing reference. There are portable ultrasonic scanner units that perform stress echocardiography studies.
  8. Portable ultrasound scanners can be transported from the hospital's cardiology department to the bedside, intensive care unit critical care unit, catheterization lab, or an off-site clinic.
  9. The clinician can get flow profiles of vessels throughout the body to diagnose arterial and venous abnormalities and their causes using a comprehensive vascular study. Doppler further extends vascular techniques by providing flow detection in vessels, such as those found in organs and tumors in extremities.
  10. Calculations can be made automatically by some spectral Doppler analysis packages. A full-featured portable ultrasound system is required by a comprehensive vascular study, which is usually conducted in a hospital's radiology department, cardiology department, vascular lab, or vascular surgeon's office.
  11. Most of the vascular studies are performed within the lab of the responsible hospital department. However, many routine studies are performed at the patient's bedside, using a portable ultrasound, or in the ICU or emergency department.
  12. There are many frequently performed vascular studies included in the limited vascular studies in which the used imaging and Doppler modes, number of measurements made, and required documentation are substantially limited.
  13. One of the applications is vascular access guidance, which includes ultrasonic guidance for vascular surgical procedures, catheter insertions, peripherally inserted central catheter line placements, and biopsies.
  14. Comprehensive OB/GYN studies use ultrasonography to investigate many gynecologic abnormalities, including infertility, and detection of various conditions of the fetus throughout pregnancy.
  15. Some invasive procedures, including guiding amniocentesis, use ultrasonography as well. OB analysis packages provide a variety of commonly used gestational age, fetal weight, and fetal growth calculation methods, and some can also generate reports.
  16. To carry out comprehensive OB/GYN studies, facilities need a full-featured portable ultrasound system. This is typically the situation in a hospital's radiology department, OB/GYN department, imaging center, or even in an OB/GYN office that performs comprehensive obstetrical ultrasound examinations.
  17. Some functions can be carried out by limited OB/GYN studies. They may determine the presence, position, and viability of a fetus along with gestational-age verification. It is also possible to determine amniotic fluid levels, pelvic morphology, and detect ectopic pregnancy.
  18. Limited OB/GYN studies are usually performed by personnel in a hospital's labor and delivery or emergency departments.
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