Ultrasound, Portable - Meditech -  S8i

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Imaging
Device: Ultrasound, Portable
Manufacturer: Meditech
Model: S8i
Condition: New
Year manufactured: 2017
Location: China, Shandong
Unit Price: 100.00 USD
Comments: This is a basic price, for more information, kindly contact us
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Item Description
• Application: Abdomen, OB&GYN, cardiology, vascular and small parts, urology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics and etc
• Image processing: THI, speckle-reduction, color coder, frame averaging, micro- angle adjustment, wall filter, 256 grey scale, scanning angle/width control, composite processing of tissue and blood flow image
• Measurement & report packages: GYN(four edition for GA calculation), cardiac, vascular, urology, andriatrics, peripheral vascular, multiple births, orthopedic surgery and etc.
• Input/output interface: VGA, network, 4 USB, 2 probe interface, DVD-ROM, SONY print with USB port
• It applies cutting-edge technologies; incorporate sophisticated features like real-time 4D, TDI, and TEE scanning into one compact box.

Displaying mode
B,BB,4B,BM,M,PW,B/C,B/C/D,B/D,duplex, triplex, part zoom, CFM, CPA

Signal processing:
• Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, space-time filter, dynamic real time
• Receiving focusing, RDA, DRA, spectral processing, CFM processing, gray scale
• 256, receiving signals dynamic range≥150, All digital, real-time dynamic focusing,
• Dynamic aperture in all fields
• Image conversion
• Up/down conversion
• Left/right conversion
• Doppler Sound output volume adjustable
• Wall filter adjustable
• Base line adjustable
• Sampling frame adjustable
• Area changeable angle changeable
• Spectrum sampling volume adjustable
• Spectrum sampling volume angle adjustable
• PRF adjustable
• Image processing:
Gain control
• TGC, PW Gain, CFM gain
General measurement
• B mode-distance, circumference, area, volume,
• ration, angle, % stenosis,
• histogram
• M mode- distance, time, velocity, heart rate
OB packages:
• GA and EDD calculated by LMP, BBT calculate GA and EDC, Fetal physiological
• score, Fetal growth curve
• OB measuring and calculation report
• Uterine measurement (Cervical length, endometrial thickness, uterine volume)

Power supply: AC100-240v, 50/60Hz
Sale Information
Return Policy
Does the seller accept returns? Yes
Return valid for: 30 days after buyer's receipt of the item
Allowed refund types: Exchange
Return shipping & handling will be paid by the seller
Additional information: The fee for the shipment depends on different situations, so please contact us first
Period: 24 months
Warranty type: Labor & Material
All item information on this page has been supplied by seller and MedWOW cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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Ultrasound, Portable may also be referred to as: Ultrasound Scanner, Urology | Ultrasound Scanner, Portable | Ultrasound Scanner, Bladder | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Portable | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Dedicated Linear Array | Portable Ultrasonic Scanner | Ultrasound, Diagnostic, Portable
Seller details
Contact person: Meditech Mee
Phone number: 86-532--85832673
Location: China, Shandong
Business type: Manufacturer
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