Used Vascular Lesion Removal Laser - Candela -  VBeam Perfecta

Item 937955973

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Status: Open
Item type: Complete System
Category: Lasers
Device: Vascular Lesion Removal Laser
Manufacturer: Candela
Model: VBeam Perfecta
Condition: Refurbished - major parts replacement
Year manufactured: 2007
Location: United States, Texas
Availability: Immediate
Quantity: 1 available
Unit Price: 32,500.00 USD
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Item Description
Array Medical is the owner of a very low usage 2007 Candela Vbeam Perfecta. This device has been inspected by our trained Candela technician and includes the installation of a new Dye Kit (installation preformed prior to shipping). The device has been re-calibrated and has received its bi-annual preventative maintenance to ensure that it arrives to your location in pristine condition. Details on this device are as follows:

2007 Candela Vbeam Perfecta
System Includes:
Delivery System & DCD Hand Piece
(1 ea) 5, 7, 10, 3x10, 10mm PL Attachment
(1) Foot Switch
(1) Fiber Pole
(1) System Key
(2) Operator Eyeware
(1) Operator's Manual
How much was the last laser element in use (number of pulses)? 153,295
Is the laser output (Energy/Power) according to the manufacturer specification? Yes
Is the timing device which controls the exposure accurate? Yes
Is the system labeling (including the laser class) clear? Yes
Sale Information
Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, MedWOW SafeTrade, PayPal
Advance payment percentage: 100%
Return Policy
Does the seller accept returns? Yes
Return valid for: 3 days after buyer's receipt of the item
Allowed refund types: Money back, Exchange, Credit Note
Return shipping & handling will be paid by the buyer
Services supplied by the seller
Service contract
The item is not packed
Seller allows inspection of item? Yes
Available for inspection from: Immediate
Period: 1 Month
Warranty type: Labor & Material
All item information on this page has been supplied by seller and MedWOW cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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Location: United States, Texas
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