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Device: Voice Recorder
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: CC-7S
Location: United States, Florida

Voice Recorder may also be referred to as :

Voice Recorder | Digital Voice System | Digital Voice Recording System | Digital Recorder | Digital Dictophon | Digital Dictation System | Dictation System, Digital

Tips for buying Voice Recorder

  1. To allow easier expansion and addition of workstations, digital voice recording systems must be HL7 compatible, have client/server architecture with an unlimited number of ports, and be able to accommodate an unlimited number of dictation and transcription.
  2. The digital voice recorder should have some form of security to ensure confidentiality. Log-on names and multilevel passwords should limit the access necessary personnel only.
  3. The standard digital voice recorders are configured to meet the needs of each facility. However, some special functions may require additional equipment. Facilities are therefore encouraged to examine their necessary functions before purchasing a digital voice recording system.
  4. The growth rate of each department within the facility, as well as the scalability and upgradability of the digital dictation system, should be considered before purchase..
  5. Buyers may wish to consider digital voice recorder systems that can accommodate speech recognition software. Facilities will be able to choose a wider range of transcription options if they use digital voice recorder systems that support speech recognition. The speech recognition applications will include, at a minimum, a general medical-terminology dictionary.
  6. Before making a digital dictation system purchase, facilities should consider the following features, which are quite beneficial for users: continuous speech, voice-enabled processing, batch processing, macros and/or templates, and text-to-speech.
  7. When buyers wish to add on to an existing digital voice recording system, they should verify with the supplier that the new equipment is fully compatible.
  8. Over time, speech recognition systems offer significant cost savings because of shortened turnaround time for reports and features that allow integration of speech recognition into PACS.
  9. One significant shortcoming of the digital voice recorder system is accuracy; this means that users may need to spend more time producing a report than they would in traditional transcription. As a result, some tend to resist using the system.
  10. A different reason for disfavoring these digital voice recorder systems may be that they require a change in the users' current dictation procedures.
  11. As a result of these, the cost-benefits of speech recognition may not be fully realized, since a facility may not be able to use it for all reports. In that case, there would still be a need for some form of traditional transcription, which is probably the in-house transcription service with a reduced workforce. Facilities can also renegotiate the contract with the third-party transcription service to reduce the number of reports.
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