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Device: Washer / Disinfector
Manufacturer: Netzsch Belimed
Model: WD 230
Name / Number: Transport Cart
Location: Germany, Bavaria
Rating: 93%

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Device: Washer / Disinfector
Manufacturer: Bht
Model: INNOVA T 3000
Name / Number: Desinfection-unit-insert
Location: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia
Rating: 93%

Washer / Disinfector may also be referred to as :

Washer, Decontaminating | Washer Machine | Decontamination Washer | Washer/Decontaminator | Chemical Sterilizer

Tips for buying Washer / Disinfector Parts

  1. Decontamination washers/disinfectors should perform at least the following 6 cycles for the preparation and decontamination of instruments before sterilization: cold pre-wash, detergent wash, rinse, distilled water rinse, rinse/lubricate (applicable for metal instruments), and dry.
  2. Before making a purchase, facilities should consider the decontamination washer/disinfector's dimensions, ease-of-use, required preloading preparation, automatic or manual loading/unloading capabilities, and the size and number of chambers and baskets/trays.
  3. It is recommended that each decontamination washer/disinfector's cycle status be indicated clearly to allow users to monitor progress of wash cycles and to prevent burns if the washer is opened during a cycle in which the water is at a high temperature.
  4. Buyers of decontamination washers and disinfectors should consider energy use costs, and in some areas, the availability and quality of the water supply, as well as the costs of modifying the central service area and the existing electrical wiring and plumbing to accommodate a unit's needs.
  5. When replacing the central service instrument/utensil-washing equipment, facilities need to perform careful planning in order to do so with minimal disruption of vital services.
  6. Leakage current should be less than 300 µA.
  7. Audible or visible alarms should be available with these units, indicating events such as: component failure, door unlocked, and temperature below set point.
  8. During each cycle, audible or visible indicators for water in chamber, cycle select, cycle status, and temperature should alert users in order to avoid improper decontamination of instruments.
  9. Buyers of decontamination washers/disinfectors should decide whether they wish to have ongoing maintenance should be performed by their engineering staff or through a service contract with the supplier. When purchasing a service contract, facilities ensure that preventive maintenance is performed at regular intervals -hopefully eliminating unexpected maintenance costs. Buyers of decontamination washers/disinfectors should keep in mind that many suppliers extend guarantees beyond the length of the warranty only for systems that are covered by such a contract.
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