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Device: Wheelchair Accessible Van
Manufacturer: Ford
Model: E-550 SD
Location: United States, Illinois
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Wheelchair Accessible Van may also be referred to as :

Handicapped Equipped Vehicle | Handicap Conversion Van | Wheelchair Car | PTS Vehicle

Tips for buying Wheelchair Accessible Van

  1. Before purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van, it is important to know what you will be using it for and what your budget is. There are vans on the market for transporting disabled passengers, as well as those that are suitable for a person in a wheelchair to drive it.
  2. A wheelchair van that can carry physically challenged passengers includes a lift or ramp or a place where a lift or ramp can be connected, often located on the passenger's door.
  3. A wheelchair van that is designed to allow a disabled individual to drive themselves includes ample space for the wheelchair, as well as special instruments and levers for operation of the brake and gas pedals. Some wheelchairs are designed for one or the other of the above purposes, while some are built for both.
  4. Make a decision about what kind of van will best suit your needs. The 3 major categories include: mini-vans, full-sized and bus styles. If you will be transporting multiple passengers, the large, bus-style van is the best option for you. Mini-vans generally use lifts to get the wheelchair into the vehicle, while full-sized vans are often equipped with a ramp, which some people feel less safe using. It is important to research each type before making a final decision on the type you wish to purchase, based on your needs and your budget.
  5. What optional comfort features would you like your wheelchair-accessible van to have? Some options include: magnetic and/or remote control entry, touchpad-controls, power seats, remote-control activation, raised entrances, lowered floors and more. Options are being added all the time, so it is important that you itemize what you need, making sure you don't pay extra for options you aren't going to use.
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