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Xenon System may also be referred to as :

Xenon Gas Trap System | Xenon Evacuation System | Xenon Delivery System

Tips for buying Xenon System

  1. Xenon systems that use isotope 127Xe have a longer half-life and a higher energy rate, permitting more flexibility in ventilation scanning.
  2. Xenon evacuation systems that use isotope 133Xe are less expensive and require less shielding to compensate for higher energies.
  3. The thickness of shielding material for delivery systems and gas traps should be 1/8 inch.
  4. Xenon systems should include an exhaust-port monitor and a monitor alarm for all gas traps.
  5. Monitors are available in some Xenon evacuation systems for room-air xenon concentration, in case of leaks or patient rebreathing problems.
  6. Facilities that perform many pulmonary ventilation studies are advised to purchase separate delivery systems and Xenon gas trap systems to allow for gas delivery while the xenon is being stored for safe disposal.
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